Tie Me Up... And Use Me

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"Now, look, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we had a deal, and yes you’ve been very good this whole time.
I promised I wasn’t going to hurt you, and I stand by that.
We’re just about to become strangers with benefits, that’s all.”

I really shouldn’t find this as hot as I do…

God, this turns me on so much..

(via rudytherabbit)


OMG I can’t believe I did this but I couldn’t say no.  He didn’t use a condom, no, that’s not true, I didn’t want one.  I never been so turned on in my life nor so satiated.  Now what do I do…tell my husband…I should but…I have his phone number and he wants to see me again.  I’m so guilty and giddy at the same time.  What do I do?

Her husband often away traveling on business.  She and her husband had a little arrangement between them.  She had an insatitable appetite which he understood needed to be satisfied. Having lunch with him had become a regular occurrence on such occasions.

She didn’t know who he was, but she found that was what excited her the most, the not knowing.  It was a game her husband and her played, various games with a blindfold.  She would imagine who it was, a stranger? Neighbor? One of her husbands friends? Oh how she loved it, it excited her to no end, being vulnerable, taken advantage of, never knowing what her husband had arranged next for her.  That’s it, the not knowing…